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A Valuable Lesson, Scene #01

[HD video] — Henry warmly invites her inside. Finally, she reluctantly gives in, agreeing to have sex with him so that he won't exhibit lies to her father. Willow is about to learn a valuable assignment, but it has NOTHING to do with figures... Willow is desperate to pass, saying that she's fearful of failing and disappointing her father. She's 18 now, she HAS to prove to him that she can do this! Willow takes a imprint and tells Henry she's glad she found his listing as a prime because she really needfully all the benefit she can get. At first, she seems shrinking and likes the thought, although she becomes uncomfortable as Henry becomes more press. When she threatens to leave, he reminds her that she'll flunk out of faith without his help. Willow stammers and insists that she disliked getting a compliment or two but he's being weird now...Henry insists that she wants the attention more than she'll admit, though Willow disagrees. He demands sex in transfer for his silence. CUT TO TITLEHenry makes small exercise, and brings up that Willow should know his tutoring doesn't mean a guaranteed pass -he insists that he'll do what he can but it's still not the end of the folks if she has to do summer school. She is thankful, and they begin studying. As they study, Henry begins creeping on Willow. She's nervous as she donkey the doorbell. Henry seems understanding and promises to hired her. Willow is relieved she has the right house. If she doesn't pass her math test, she'll fail her math class, which means she won't have enough credits to calculate high school. A VALUABLE LESSONTwisted Tutor Takes Advantage Of Struggling Teen StudentWillow (Chloe Temple) is standing on the front steps with a backpack over her hill. After Willow insists she'll find another assistant, Henry says he'll tell Willow's father that she was coming onto him. Henry (Jake Adams) answers and greets her pleasantly. As Willow walks by, Henry steals a look at her ass and grins to himself. Henry says something tender but there's a pale bedazzle in his eye as he insists that they get the moral started. At the end, Jake Adams quantity his cum against her face.

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