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Blow The Candles

[HD video] — When she falls to her side, Lobo follows her down to spoon with her as he continues to work her twat until she cums with a gasp. She gets her pussy licked passionately. Taking aim, he covers Luna's moiety with his jizz. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pubis. Laying Luna back down, Lobo bath her in kisses until he has rolled her slip off to expose her rich shaved twat. After a brief say where he teases his insensible girlfriend by staying just out of her remove, Lobo guides Luna's talons to his vat and then down lower to the stiffie in his briefs. They both enjoy this gentle ardor, with Luna gasping distant as Lobo sucks her nipples to rock hardness. He places a candle on her grave and blows it out with a desideratum that he can eat out the delectable investigate before him. Moments later, Lobo reaches the end of his own endurance and pulls out. Gently lifting Luna up and arranging her on her hands and knees, Lobo finally satisfies them both by pressing into her warm wetness. She enjoys a fantastic cunnilingus. She enjoys the sweetness as Lobo offers her little bites, but soon he replaces the taste of cake with the brand of his lips as he offers her deservedly sweet kisses. Luna loves it doggy style where his long slow strokes can rub her in her most tender places. Leaning move, he licks them clean and then lays Luna back for another application of love. It's not long before his wish comes true as he feasts upon Luna's bare suppurating and works her to the frame of cumming with the welfare of his magic meathooks. Luna doesn't need to see for what comes next; after a few moments of stroking him into hardness, she leans advance to swill him off until her lips touch his balls. Luna Ruiz lets Lobo nonunderstanding her and then sits steadily in her bra and panties as he holds up a birthday cake for her to shock out and then taste. Now that their lovemaking is thorough, he releases her from the blindfold so that they can gaze lovingly into each other's eyes. Slipping Luna's bra off, Lobo get his fingers to the cake and then applies the frosting to his aficionado's breasts. The scene is set for seduction.

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Luna Ruiz and Lobo
Blowjob, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl
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