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Dear Miss Lonesome, Scene #01

[HD video] — Later that day, Sheena receives another statement from Miss Lonesome, who wants to take if it's worth it to convince her subdue to give up her course similarity. Days later, Ailee is sweeping the floor, saying it's because she unnoticed that Sheena's husband hasn't been doing his share of the chores lately. It looks like Miss Lonesome won't be lonely anymore! After Ailee leaves, it's period for Sheena to get to composition: she is a romance advice columnist known as the 'Love Sage'. Sheena admits that she and her husband are drifting apart, and she's fine to Ailee for being so harmonious and skillful all the time. Later, Ailee asks a variation of the question that Sheena suggested to Miss Lonesome, causing Sheena to realize that Ailee is Miss Lonesome, and she has a break on HER! Sheena suggests a special question that Miss Lonesome can ask to see how her crush feels. Sheena advises Miss Lonesome to show hints of passion to her crush through light touches and eye contact, to see if her upset likes her back. As they do so, Ailee minimally touches Sheena and tries to make wealth of eye contact, but when Sheena asks why she's doing that, Ailee shyly says that she's admiring Sheena's eye makeup. She licks her pussy with a delicate but strong expertise. She reads an email from 'Miss Lonesome', who is in weakness with someone already in a relationship. However, as Sheena walks absconded, Ailee looks unconvinced about her parents' marriage being 'fine'. These girls know each other enough to have regular sex. Sheena Ryder wishes a good day to her bud, Ailee Anne, who is heading off to school. Sheena advises Miss Lonesome to try finding out if her squelch is xenophobic in a change. They kiss, then happily lick each other's cods and lap at each other's pussies. Sheena is caught off guard, but after a moment's rest she says that her marriage is fine. She cautiously asks Sheena if everything is sanction in her aggregation. The next time Sheena folds laundry, Ailee comes in and they jump folding it together. Sheena then receives another message from Miss Lonesome, asking for further hortation.

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