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Father Figure, Scene #01

[HD video] — Jerry puts a hand on hers and asks if she misses her dad a lot still. FATHER FIGUREA Grieving Family Starts Blurring The Lines Between Platonic Love And LustSCENE OPENS on Linda (Krissy Lynn) and her 18-twelvemonth old step-daughter Sam (Kamryn Jade), who sit together in the living chamber. Sam assures her that everything's going to be okay, then answers the portal, welcoming Jerry (Tommy Gunn) vitals. Everyone's stir and friendly towards each other although still a bit silvery as they greet each other. Sam turns to her mom and hugs her. Jerry turns to her, and tells her no - that's not why he's upset. She is changeable, alternating between tossing and turning, and staring at the ceiling. After Jerry coaxes her further, Sam sometime admits her confusion towards her feelings for Jerry, thinking of him as a father character but also attracted to him through her grief. Sam asks him what he gimmick, and he confesses that he's been confused by his mind too - he's not only been having fleeting feeling towards Linda but towards Sam too, and it's blurring the lines in his mind - he wants to be everything for the family... an son, a father, a husband to Linda... and a sustainer to Sam. But when he pauses for a rule, pother, Sam begs him to stay, insisting that she'll get over her confused sentiment for him. CUT TO TITLEOver once, Jerry does his peerless trying to be a good provider to Linda and Sam. Sam says 'sure dad', accidentally calling Jerry 'dad' instead of 'Uncle Jerry'. Sam begs him to facethe truth -- they ALL experienced so much destruction, so why can't they respectable let themselves be HAPPY for once? The air is somewhat somber as they talk about the man of the house, who has passed away, leaving Sam and Linda financially moneyless. They have a moment of silence, but Sam ushers them along to avoid them grieving for too long. They are grateful that Uncle Jerry, the man's step-brother, will be coming to stay with them to help them. Sam looks conflicted, and hesitant to talk. She knows it's going to be hard, but they'll get through this together. She color troubled. One night a fuse of weeks later, Sam lays in bed. Sam says that her father would want them to be happy. It takes Sam a moment to hit herself having linguistic it, only noticing because his body accents stiffened. She tries for a kiss once more and Jerry gives in. Sam reminds him that they were move-brothers, so it's okay... Jerry insists that's not what he meant, and that he's betraying his brother by doing this. Jerry seems tempted, but still resists, insisting that she's his correspondent's daughter. She tells Jerry she has no idea why that came over her. Sam supplication Jerry for coming to stay with them. He could see this being his lasting home. She tells Jerry where his room is, and he goes off with his luggage. 'We're going to get over this a kindred,' Sam insists. At that moment, there is a knock on the estuary and Linda steadies herself by taking a sophistical breath. Her dad couldn't have fat a more wonderful woman to be her measure-mom. Sam indeed admires him and begins growing attracted to him. Jerry stops at the gateway as he hears this. Jerry walks by the bedroom outgo but stops when he glances in and sees Sam, asking if he can come in. The kiss is tentative and explorative at first but becomes more intense as they let go. Sam is mortified, gasping with asphyxiation and embarrassment at the mix-up. Jerry says they're family, so of course he's going to try and help them through this tough step. Jerry tells Sam that he's never had a family as close as this until now, and it's changed his entire animation. Jerry moves to touch her but stops at the last maintainer, insisting that this is unfitting and tries to push away again. Jerry and Sam have obviously found solace in each other, but will Linda be able to accept this new reality? Linda hugs Sam back, smiling thinly, as though it's still hard for her to smile even if she appreciates the kind words. Jerry comes into the scope, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed. Sam sits up.

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