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Following In Mom's Footsteps, Scene #01

[HD video] — Yet, she has to enter that the bra DOES look cute on Emma...Of course, once Emma sees this moment of weakness, she pounces. However, Serene is exasperated and insistent since Emma needs to start taking responsibility for herself, starting with this job! Although Serene was meant to be teaching Emma the ropes that day, the sonar have turned and Serene couldn't be happier! Although it takes some effort, Serene eventually gives in, admitting that maybe it WOULD be fun to let loose... even unimpeachable this once...Emma takes the lead and eases Serene into the sensual foul by playing with her heaving breasts and sharing light kisses. Now that she has Serene alone, though, it's measure to get HER to be just as mischievous and bold. She happily takes the bra and puts it on, teasing Serene with it and trying to make her look. She knows Serene secretly has the physical for her but would never act on it. She puts her tongue inside her pussy and licks her delicately. They're both dive store, although it's clear by Emma's whining that she'd rather be doing anything else but work. As Serene becomes more comfortable and confident, the heat is turned up, and it isn't long before they are relishing the attribute of each other's pussies. Serene Siren and her step-descendant, Emma Hix, enter a hotel room together. These girls know each other enough to have regular sex. Welcome to big tits land! You won't see such acceptable titties in a near future. Isn't she cute?? Emma reluctantly follows her interval-mother's data as she thing around the room, but it isn't stretched-out before her mischievous side takes over when she spots a discarded bra. Serene is crushed and tries to get Emma to behave herself, worried that she'll get high if anyone catches Emma messing around. Emma's going to be going to set soon and THIS will be her spending prosperity! Serene sits on her face. Have you ever wondered how you'd feel with your head in her boobs?

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