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Honeymoon, Scene #01

[HD video] — She calls out to Carly but Carly doesn't confess her. When he reaches out to suspicion her hair, she pulls away as Dean tells her that that's no way to behave as a blushing helpmeet. HONEYMOONReluctant Bride Hides Dark Secret About Her Sudden MarriageSCENE OPENS on Carly (Karla Kush) standing in front of a full-length mirror. SOMETHING'S clearly poison. Frustrated that she isn't getting through to her friend, Emma leaves. Dean sidles stoppage to her on the bed. Emma finds Carly in the living room and is relieved. Despite Emma's sincere concern, Carly insists nothing is wrong. Carly looks abroad as she stares straight chosen at the mirror again while still holding the wedding trim. This is their honeymoon, so Carly better starts acting like it... Instead of looking happy, she is sullen, haunted. Carly's friend Emma (Liv Wild) ill on the front weir, then lets herself in. Emma is concerned about Carly's precipitous changes in behavior, confused about why Carly seems to be rushing into a marriage. She is holding a wedding dress to her front as she stares at herself in the mirror. As they argue, it becomes clear that Carly is with Dean because he was witness to a hit-and-run where Carly was the driver. TITLE PLATEIt's Carly's wedding night, but she's far from jolly. Realizing the full force of what her life has become, Carly is inconsolable. Her starets, Dean (Chad Alva), enters the room and seems to delight in her being wretched, predominantly when she confronts him. He licks her pussy with a delicate but strong expertise. He stipulated to keep her secret as long as she does anything and everything he says, including marrying him.

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