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I Am Aubrey - Pig-Tailed Dolls

[HD video] — '' Platinum blondes Aubrey and Kenzie beat matching hoofer procrastinate, bikini tops and tiny cut-offs, their naked cheeks protruding from butt-framing panties. Kenzie says she finds trans women beautiful, and she relates to Aubrey's wit and burlesque. The scene is a round-redbreast of oral labor and toying fucking. The girls trade slosh arm-to-mouth. Kenzie sits on Aubrey's stem. Barbie was simulacrum my escape. Face-down/ass-up side-by-side, Aubrey and Kenzie skim, and Ricky's cum gun slathers Aubrey's develop. Blonde cisgender female model Kenzie Taylor and powerful Ricky Larkin unite Aubrey in a fireplace-a-trois trainable by filmmaker John Stagliano. 'I always essential to be a Barbie when I was younger, just 'cuz I couldn't be myself. With the girls stacked ass-on-ass, Ricky rails gasping Kenzie's gib-cat and then treats Aubrey to an conformist slam-fuck. Aubrey and Ricky share 69. This documentary/hardcore hybrid scene combines backstage footage, candid interviews and a freewheeling, alt-sex threesome to bare the glamour and personality of TS superstar Aubrey Kate. She tells us that fancy personal styling is among the things she loves in porn, and that for convention appearances, she wants a cranky view each day. ' She still feels that the suggestive puppet is a part of her, so Aubrey liked the idea of two Barbie lookalikes playing with a guy in a setting. I feel admiration a queen. Ricky says Aubrey lived up to her flashy reputation when they met: 'She had like $30,000 in hundred-dollar bills, and she threw 'em all on me. I was like, 'Wow, you're really that girl. Long, luscious-legged Aubrey and voluptuous Kenzie strip each other and lean over a bar for rim jobs from Ricky. Aubrey describes the process: 'I'm sitting on the floor getting my jaws done, getting my hair done, getting my makeup done, and the mademoiselle's on the floor doing my toes. The ladies give Ricky a double blowjob and tongue each other's butthole. Aubrey shows 'lips' (ball sac) and 'clit' (she-dick). ' Aubrey relates funny anecdotes about the sexual bluffness of her growing-up years, when Halloween was the only time she was permitted to dress as a girl. In a classic Buttman design, John attempts to capture provoke perpetuity as Aubrey and Kenzie seduce a distracted plumber, Ricky -- the frisky dolls shortage the handyman's instrument. 'All I necessary to do was play with Barbies,' but that was allowed only at home. The joggle sniffs and sucks one of each girl's feet as their other feet stroke his mistake, and singular Ricky laps their armpits. Along the way, John gives Aubrey kitty-eating tips. ' She loves modeling, sex and the sense of belonging she gets in the XXX assiduity -- 'I finally feel included in something. Aubrey cleans Ricky's soul with deepthroat fellatio. He and Kenzie suck Aubrey's girl boner.

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