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Mom's Not Coming Back, Sweetheart, Scene #01

[HD video] — As he stoops down to her, she confronts Kenabout what she heard. Off-screen we catch and the man exchange pleasantries as they finish up their talk and Ken shows him out. As she listens, the digging stops and she then hears the sound of her front door opening and closing. Her step-grower Ken (Steve Holmes) sits at the kitchen table looking inauspicious. But his dark desire for his step-daughter isn't the ONLY thing that Ken is hiding... Suddenly she hears something and stirs, her eyes snapping open. Mollyis distraught and Ken conveniences her, but there is a hint of something darker lurking within him. When Ken comes back around the corner he discovers Molly, still in a state of shock. He looks up at her as she approaches and tellsMolly that there's something he needs to talk to her about. Just as she goes to her emunctory, Ken come to be walking down the hall. Manipulating Molly now, hetells her that he has definite...NEEDS that Molly's mom dissipated to fulfill. Wanting to sense what's goingon, Molly hops out of bed and goes to her vent. His shirt is covered in dirt and he carries a ladle. He assures her that, even though her mom may be gone, he'll NEVER leave her. When Molly askshim about it, he claims he was doing some late-night gardening. Hearing this, Molly looks horror-struck and deep-troubled. They seeeach other and Ken cards, looking like a deer in the headlights. Molly's agape for her step-institutor takes over as she begs herdaddy to let her help and fulfill those needs, which is of course, exactly what Ken unforgoable. Still slumbering, she has really just gotten out of bed as she rounds the corner into thekitchen. Weeks plotted, Molly overhears Ken talking to a man from an insurance company, Ken telling the man that his wife is tomorrow inane. CUT TO TITLEDays later, Molly lies in bed at night, snoring softly. She listenscuriously for a moment. Gently, Ken breaks the account to Molly that her mom has antique them. She hears something that vibrate fondness digging coming from the yard open her window. MOM'S NOT COMING BACK, SWEETHEARTDad Manipulates Daughter Into Sex After Mom Disappears Under Mysterious CircumstancesSCENE OPENS on 18-year old Molly (Riley Star). She slumps against the wall, unable to process what she's heard. At the end, Steve loads all his cum against Riley's face.

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