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Remote-Control Public Arousal

[HD video] — She doesn't catch it yet but the app allows remote control of the butt congest Kenzie's wearing. Today, she's feeling extra bold and decides to wear it during a work meeting, although she doesn't yet know that now her pleasure is in the hands of her clubmate, Whitney Wright. She sharp dismisses the meeting, hoping her coworkers are none the wiser...Not interminable after, Whitney arrives at the office, mischievously greeting Kenzie while waving the phone. She tries to lock her trembling knees and unruffled her randy moans but it's too much! Whitney Wright licks her ass passionnately. Kenzie Taylor and Whitney are best friends since school, and now they want to reach further... She licks her pussy with a delicate but strong expertise. She tries to hold it together as it vibrates away inside of her, although her coworkers start to get suspicious. She's about to get ready and relapse it when a whimsical app catches her attention. Kenzie Taylor loves pushing herself to the determinant and walking a fine line when it comes to gratification. But stable to her word, Kenzie soon move the spread so that she can play with Whitney in return. Welcome to the land of Megaboobs! Even though Kenzie managed to sidestep getting caught this shift, will it positively stop her from doing this all over again in the future? Girls just wanna have fun, right? These chicks are getting a very minute say... When Whitney starts playing around with the app, it has very thrilling consequences for Kenzie...Kenzie's mind is blown when the butt plug seems to take on a zestfulness of its own in the intermediary of giving a presentation. Of course, it's all in good fun and when Kenzie says it's time for HER to do the teasing, Whitney is expedient. One of her admired equipage to do is wear a vibrating butt foul in public! It didn't take long for Whitney to figure out what that app was for and she had a blast tormenting Kenzie! Kenzie soon sickness over the desk as Whitney dives in, playing with her ass and pussy. While Kenzie is at work, Whitney discovers that Kenzie's left her cellphone at home.

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