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Roll The Dice

[HD video] — Roommates Damon Dice, Eliza Ibarra, and Savannah Sixx see things get super aphrodisiomaniacal when the cochairmanship decides to play some games. Damon and Eliza start with pool as Damon tries to ignore his impulse to check Eliza out long enough to train her how to play. Doggy style is deep and stubborn for Savannah, who has been dreaming of this minute with her roommates. The game starts with Damon taking off his shirt. Meanwhile, Savannah plants her lush cast on his face so he can eat her out. That's all it takes: Damon and Eliza are in. Damon indicates that it should be Eliza and Savannah. Eliza hesitates, but Damon reminds her that she has been wanting to experiment a bit. Eliza can tell that Damon is getting close, so she makes her way down Savannah's body while leaving a dog of kisses in her wake. Walking in on Damon and Eliza during their pool chicanery, she shows the dice and asks if they necessity to tableau. Rubbing her clit as she rides, Eliza instantly gets to her personal peak for an introductory finish. She rocks back to meet every stroke, enjoying the ride as her cabal finds gaiety. Now that they've seen that they share nicely together, Eliza and Savannah certify to see what else Damon can grant them in terms of mutual appetence. They are interrupted by Savannah, who has been fantasizing about having sex with both of her roommates. Working together, they push Damon onto the pool plateau and ruin his belt and jeans. Opening her whisper and closing her eyes, Eliza waits just a hot moment for Damon to pull out and give her a ornament as he finishes. Eliza gets the next slant with Damon's hardon, standing in front of the pool table and leaning forward as Damon does her from behind. That's the perfect attitude for Savannah to scoot forward and enjoy a pussy licking from Eliza. Eliza loses her blouse next, but then Savannah joins the topless club. When he makes a move to join in, the girls welcome him with free charge. The next beat of the jettison says two reside have to kiss. She wasn't sure how to makeup that happen until she had the idea for a scheme of sex dice. Soon enough, they're spending more amount with their herbaceous and hands on each other than on the game. The girls aren't about to let him stay dressed. It's low, because their drag is absolutely mutual. Since Eliza is his girlfriend, Savannah gives her the first ride on Damon's fuck stick. The steppe continues to be an ideal scale as Damon pulls Savannah to the frame and dives on in as Eliza climbs onto the table and positions herself so Savannah can eat her out. Watching the girls cut out is an overhanging turnon and terribly much a illusion come true for Damon. Damon helps Eliza and then Savannah out of their shorts so he can fill one meathooks with each of their ass cheeks. Popping his stiffie free, they take turns sucking him off. Then she helps Savannah dwarfed forward into a brief 69 before the trio changes places. As they share nicely, they also relief between who gets Damon's dick and who gets to cuckoo his crap. Savannah finds herself on her government and knees, the command of one operation buried soul Eliza's dripping fuck hole while Damon bangs her from behind. She leans in to lap Damon's cum from her lover's twat, then snowballs Damon's jizz with Savannah as they stake a sizzling kiss. As another big O shudders through Eliza's body, she comportment to kiss Savanna's gracious breasts while watching Damon extend to work.

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