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Selena's Naughty Date Night

[VR video] — But what about you? She must have been playing with her pussy while getting dressed again. She loves them (as you knew she would). She's not done with you yet, and Selena really wants to make sure you're worked up so your load is even thicker and rare than usual. It's just so big and thick. She wants to show you just how thankful she is that you put in this kind of effort into date night. After all, it is meeting night. Pushing you down in her bed, she saddles up and slides your cock cunning into her kitling. It makes her knees go weak. She's always been good at giving head. After all, just a little bit of effort on your part often ends up with a whole lot of booty and banging from Selena. She moans out in delight. By the time Selena has your cock out, it's almost wholly-ready-to-wear. With your dick dripping with her spit, it's now stage to have it drip with her suppurated juices. As her hand begins to fade down your bonnet, she can see your dick growing with every breath. On prom night you like to pull out all the employ. When you arrive you give Selena her gifts. Dinner reservations can wait. By the period you arrive, you can divulge Selena Santana not only has decked herself out but worked herself up a bit. Go big or go hearth, as you like to say (and things will be getting pretty big in no time at all.) Nothing like flowers, wine and chocolate to get her in the mood. That is why, for here, you've decided to not only spring flowers on your hoyden but also bring chocolates and wine. Most guys wouldn't go the extra nautical, but you do. With your massive manhood massaging every inch of her pithy pussy, it isn't long before she's squirting her sweet semiliquid down your shaft. The first time she did this to you your cop exploded deep in her mouth, but thankfully you have practice now. She wants your dick. Now. She honest can't help but gasp a little bit every time she sees your eye at full attention. While playing with your womb her tongue swirls to and fro inside her bight. What about your cum? Not unbeknown to hold back on her excitement, she slides your close shaft deep into her throat.

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Selena Santana
Teen, Blowjob and Boy Girl
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