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Swapping Girlfriends, Scene #01

[HD video] — Pete, on the other hand, is waning and collected as he tells her that sometimes guys get listless and need a small strain in their life... So the brothers agreed to swap and allowance their unsuspecting girlfriends for a paltry bit of fun. Even though he knows how uncomfortable April is, Andy insists that he forgot the bags in the car and needs to run back out and get them. He's already looking to greener pastures...When April realizes that Andy's asthenic, she starts to nervousness, demanding to realize what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, Andy thinks that April is overreacting and that Pete is a bit whimsical, sure, but harmless. Even though Pete already has a girlfriend, April is sure that Pete is lusting for HER. Alex Coal enjoys a maggoty cunnilingus. Although April is hurt and betrayed, wanting nothing to do with Pete, she's all alone now and has nowhere else to go... Once they arrive, Pete greets them at the door. He licks her pussy with a delicate but strong expertise. The thing is, they're visiting Andy's associate, Pete (Logan Pierce), who gives April the aching. Little does she dig, the brothers have made a hidden deal behind her back. Logan Pierce puts his tongue inside her pussy and licks her delicately. As he takes his expel, April reluctantly follows Pete inside, half-jokingly telling her boyfriend that he better not leave her with Pete TOO long! He fingers her pussy until she is completely turned on. She gets her pussy licked passionately. As soon as Andy is behind the wheel, he drives away without looking back. SWAPPING GIRLFRIENDSWoman Is Shocked To Find Her Boyfriend Has Traded Her To His BrotherApril (Alex Coal) is NOT stirred with the weekend hippety-hop her boyfriend, Andy, has planned. She sucks his cock until he reaches her throat. Sucking a cock is not enough. It must go deeper! Alex feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. They end with a wonderful load of cum on her face.

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