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Teach Me How To Play

[HD video] — Charlie opens up Stacy's blouse exposing her perfect breasts and pitch outfit which is hungry for his touch, wanting him, needing him. Charlie too is carnal and the site of her attractive legs peaking out from under her inadequate little skirt proves too much. Charlie leans over Stacy as she runs her digits over the keys and she can opine his heat against her organization. Before they know it, they've forgotten about the piano and can only bottleneck on each other! Stacy has been taking music lessons from her teacher Charlie for some time now, but it isn't her sympathy for work that has her looking forward to the step she spends with him. Her parents signed her up for these lessons because they expression it looked worthy on her univeristy applications, but she's making little progress on this period composition and has something else fully on her mind! His hand between her legs move her on so much that she knows that the music lesson is over, but she is about to accept something so much more satisfying! She can smell the scent of his incise and can barely concetrate on his phonate as she imagines touching him, kissing him, tasting him...

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Stacy Cruz and Charlie Dean
Teen and Boy Girl
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