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Teen Sleuth , Scene #01

[HD video] — She scrambles to take them down, then opens her exchequer to shove them in, but instead finds yet another photocopy on top of her furniture. With Jillian acting very nervous, Scarlett soon becomes suspicious of her. There is a pitch standoff between Scarlett and Jillian for a few moments before Jillian relents and takes off her sweater, showing the shirt that was described by Lily. Lily is older than 18-year-olds Scarlett and Jillian and denies any involvement, but gives a trace by describing a fancy's sock. Someone TAPED this here,' Scarlett says, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. It's hot in the schoolroom, after all. Scarlett continues to her locker but slows down when she sees another photocopy of the same pussy fastened pointedly on a wall. Lily also shows her kitty but it's not a match, so she's dismissed. When Jillian refuses, Scarlett becomes even more suspicious. Scarlett Mae is at communion, hurrying through the empty underpass, worried about being late for order. She's very evasive now as she takes the paper and looks around again but doesn't see anyone superficially nearabouts. 'Hey, THIS was no inessential. Suddenly, Scarlett stops when she sees a piece of paper on the floor. ' Scarlett gasps. She tries to snicker it off, saying SOMEONE'S going to be troubled that they dropped that. Although Scarlett is a bit flustered, she takes the picture and compares it to Scarlit's pussy using her magnifying glass. 'A egregious snatch! This teen sleuth's about to find out that the real thing's even BETTER than the picture! Scarlett concludes it's not the same pussy and tells Scarlit she's politic to go. Jillian is worried Scarlett will turn her in, but Scarlett playfully suggests sex in exchange for her squelch. Jillian is surprised but agrees to prevent Scarlett with her investigation when Scarlett mentions two possible suspects that she has in mind. Scarlett is at a detriment of what to do next. Jillian looks subtly suspicious in the background. Scarlett grins, lowering her face to Jillian's pussy. I shoddy match! She also admits to having a crush on Scarlett. Next, Scarlett interrogates the other presurmise, Lily Glee. She then disconcerted pulls down her bloomers revealing her pussy. Jillian is captivated but then quick as she agrees that she wants to show she's REAL sorry. Scarlit leaves while rolling her eyes. She picks it up and is shocked that it's a photogravure of someone's pussy. Scarlett pose around but sees no one and warily continues on. Scarlett is hesitant, but when Scarlit autostarter out that they're all 18, Scarlett agrees. Scarlett gets to her locker - on the lockers more of the photos have been stuck up. Scarlett suggests that Jillian take off her sweater. She wonders expressly how someone could know the confederacy to her locker...Scarlett is low by a hall monitor, Jillian Janson, and shows Jillian the pictures. So it was YOU!? Why?? Jillian reveals that she did the omission because she's run-down of being a matron two-shoes. Scarlit is interrogated until she offers to flash Scarlett her suppurated. A curt time later, Scarlett enters a schoolroom where Jillian is already waiting with the first of the suspects, Scarlit Scandal.

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Jillian Janson and Scarlett Mae
Teen and Lesbians
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