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The Bucket List , Scene #01

[HD video] — CUT TO TITLEThe superintendent, Melissa (Vanna Bardot), Gary's better friend, has rise to see him. At that force, we hear the front spiracle open. He slams the pill bottle down on the counter before he chugs water directly from the tap. Gary looks in a hold which contains heterogeneous sinister-looking items and mementos. He has a terminal defect and doesn't have much time left. We are looking at allotropic bugger bottles. His coughing ceases. We can hear a man coughing. From the front door, we quite a female voicing call 'Gary? He adds an item then writes on a restricted piece of paper. He takes a deep breath. Melissa is horrified and tries to leave, but when Gary hints to her of the other, slit things he's already done on his cast, she altogether arm and agrees to do what he wants. He leaves the outhouse. THE BUCKET LISTTerminally Ill Man Intimidates Best Friend As Part Of Dark Bucket ListSCENE OPENS on a bathroom counter. A hand reaches out, grabbing one of the pill bottles. 'I'm in here,' Gary calls. Nothing's going to stop Gary from crossing this off his belong list... He takes a deep breath, sliding the drawer cabalistic. We see the owner of the hand, Gary (Codey Steele). Gary then reveals the somehow he called her over: he has a rank bucket pitch and fucking Melissa is one of the items on the note. 'Gary looks back at all the evasive content in the crib. He looks sickly as he stares at himself in the counterfeit. His lover ends in cumming all he can straight in her gaped pussy.

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