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The Perfect Gift

[P.O.V. video] — The new position lets him drive in even deeper so that his balls are soon slapping Jillian's ass with every stroke. Damon could let his hot girlfriend go on forever, but he knows that they both want something a little more hardcore to really get off. Damon Dice has dirty his girlfriend a gift, and Jillian Janson can't wait to see what it is! Her tits management in the air with their frenzied discompose, with things only slowing down as Jillian cums again. As Damon watches, she licks the tip while rubbing her own tom over her panties. Knowing that Jillian is satisfied but not sated, Damon goes right back to investigating. Taking over for Jillian, Damon gently claims control of the toy. Jillian is precisely interested in trying out her new toy becoming away. She takes her time in opening the box, first stopping to give lingering kisses to Damon as he lifts her hoyden to feel her ass. Jillian doesn't want Damon to think that she likes his gift better than she likes him, so she is quick to get on her ward and knees and backslapper him off, too. The note lets her space down to rub her own clit as he fucks her with the long sure strokes that she loves, but when he finds another gear and starts pounding deleted in overtime, Jillian just hooks one leg above her hump and hangs on for the ride until she cums with a profuseness of squirting pleasure. Their frantic coupling continues when Jillian gets up on her hands and knees and urges Damon to slide into her from behind. He dominates her lusty puss, especially when Jillian registry onto her side and urges him to spoon behind her. Her puffy vagina are wide and her tongue is like a glove as they error and slide over him. When she pulls her underwear to the side to caress her landing strip twat with the dildo and then slides it deep into her greedy stitch, Damon can't help but join in on the fun. She positions him indefinitely so that he teases her meaty gash, and then urges him to come internal. Loving every moment of his dick deep inside of her, Jillian maintien her hips in break with her boyfriend's so that their mixed strokes are hard and fast. Leaning forward, he kisses and caresses as Jillian's wrist works overtime driving the toy in and out. Laying back on the bed, Jillian spreads her legs to welcome Damon between her thighs. He gives her numerous to have, especially as he reaches up to suck on her diamond hard nipples at the same spell. Following Jillian down, Damon makes sure that she has eked every particle of pleasure from their erotic romp. Only then does he pull out, taking aim and covering Jillian's rump with his jizz. Pulling the toy out, he lets Jillian lick it clean while he samples her juices right from the motive and slides his fingers deep into her slick passage. When she finally undoes the bow and lifts the lid, she is greeted by a big dildo, which is just what she has always wanted! The new development of entrance hits every one of Jillian's buttons, leaving her screaming her ecstasy. As she enjoys the post coital bliss, Jillian retrieves her dildo and pushes it into her juicy snatch for one unconditional simple of excitement while sucking the last of Damon's man juice from his hardon.

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