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Three Cheers For Satan - Joanna Angel & Alex Legend

[HD video] — They come together in an intense kiss. Jane grabs Tommy's cock, captivated at how big it is. But Kira and Kenzie don't divine her and Kira buries the ax in Tommy's chest as Jane screams in anguish. As they fall the noose around him, Tommy is psyched. The devil instructs the herbaceous to bind Tommy. A second coming, Kira and Kenzie bulletin mysterious ax wounds on themselves. Tommy Pistol bounds in excitedly, announcing to everyone that he's there for the threesome with Kira and Kenzie. Well, you absorb what they say: where there's a voodooist, there's away! The devil explains that sometimes when you immolation a virgin and they're not ACTUALLY a dry, the sacrifice can boomerang, so Kenzie and Kira died and Tommy got all their beauty. The young Tommy (Alex Legend) looks at himself in awe. Now, it's time for the SACRIFICE part of 'sacrificing a untouched. Meanwhile, Jane has turned into a 38-moment-old matter of herself. ' The devil hands them an ax and tells them to do the deed. Suddenly Tommy begins to change, morphing into a engraver version of himself. This is WAY kinkier than he mind it would be! But equitable then, Jane slips out of her restraints, yelling that Tommy ISN'T a virgin anymore. She isn't even sure it will fit! Tommy and Jane look at each other, realizing that it was ALWAYS them that were meant to be together. It's an hour before the reunion and the devil (Small Hands) is getting ready to kick the night off. They cough and collapse, sputtering their last breaths. Kenzie Reeves and Kira Noir are there too, and they've got Jane Wilde restrained to keep her from messing up their organization. The prime Jane (Joanna Angel) is confused as to why Tommy looks and sounds like a French chisel. But it doesn't go according to way...because Tommy is unhurt.

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