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Treating Ourselves, Scene #01

[HD video] — Ella and Shiri are taken by Christy's peach, and wonder if she is a lesbian. As they relax by the combine, they apply brown lotion to each other's bodies. Christy then teaches Ella various mollify techniques that Ella tries on Shiri. Shiri and Ella initiate to sure steer a very-willing Christy to go even further... Christy directs Ella to lie down on the poultice table first. Two girlfriends, Ella Hollywood and Shiri Allwood, are vacationing at a resort. They are wearing endless kaftans, but they soon take the kaftans off, revealing their swimsuit-clad worship. Ella, still in her swimsuit, does so, lying down on her chest, situating herself on the bear. Shiri says they can probe to find out. After undressing, Shiri situates herself on the upkeep, which appropriately displays her charming rooster. Christy directs Shiri to reoccur after her, and use the same techniques to massage Ella, occasionally pointing out tidytips. Christy then demonstrates some gentle techniques, massaging Ella as Shiri watches. Christy comments on Ella's crafty butt, which seems correspondent a promising tinge. After Christy has taught Shiri the basics, she instructs Shiri and Ella to break places. Eventually, Shiri reveals a fun couples activity that she prearranged - she has booked a massager, Christy Love. Christy says it's fine, saying that she wants Shiri to be contented. Shiri asks Christy if it's ok if she takes off her bikini, saying that it would be SO freeing to get a nude mash. The line gradually becomes more striking and the massage gets increasingly lustful. The floodgates open now, and Christy is so swept up in the moment that any hesitation she may have had is weak. Finally, it becomes clear that Christy is a lesbian and is attracted to the both of them, and they all kiss. Then it's Ella's turn to get massaged again, nude this time so that her enticing cock is displayed on the bolster.

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