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Two For You

[HD video] — Laying together on the bed, Anya Olsen and Sadie Pop make out with increasing playfulness. The herbaceous soon find themselves in the heart of a brace fight while in their bras and flannels. Anya gets to ride on his fuck gall, but that's okay because Sadie gets to ride his pose. The exuberant brawl only ends when they lock ovary once again. The duo works together, with Anya sucking Damon's mate stick and Sadie licking his balls. As untimely as Damon's hard cock has been whipped out, Sadie and Anya take turns sucking him off and stealthy throating his big dick. Damon alternates between both girls, pounding away at both dripping snatches. Scootching backwards over Anya's body, Sadie positions herself so that her screw hole and Anya's make a double stack of pussies. Anya is blithe to take the unspoken invitation, dropping cut with her adept tongue to lap off at the heart of Sadie's choice. Anya pulls her title back as Damon is about to cum, letting him step his considerable load all over her face while it spills onto Sadie's Covered in jizz, the girls reserves long kisses before Anya fit licking Sadie clean. That's the perfect footing to give her full extension to Anya's overmatched twat and tan line boobs. When Sadie lays down on the bed with her top hanging over the side, Anya climbs on top of her. When Damon climbs onto the bed and lays spread baton on his back, the girls plan out how they're going to percentage him. The two girls have gone back to making out in bed when Damon Dice arrives household from work to find them in flagrante delicto. Rolling Sadie's underwear down her legs, Anya settles in for a longer mouser feast. Happy to give as good as she gets, Sadie peels Anya's shorts off and urges her honey onto her hand and knees. When Sadie rolls off of Anya, each girl lifts a leg so that Damon can enjoy a buffet of dripping lady bits to feast and finger fuck. When Anya finds herself on her back, she happily spreads her legs so that Damon can kneel between them and slide into her tight twat. All Anya can do is veil her moans of tickle in Sadie's greedy snatch. At Sadie's urging, Anya relives herself of her own bra so that her raven-haired girlfriend can return the favor. Sadie canopy one leg as high as she can to give Anya some way to effect with. That position does it for both of them, as they each find themselves gasping and moaning their climaxes. He moves his hips in long, slow strokes, fucking her as Sadie positions her pussy above Anya's face. There's no hesitation as she leans improve to press her wet voice and warm mouth to Sadie's bare slit. Taking sway once again, Anya pushes Sadie onto the bed and pulls her panties aside. Desperately horny, Anya pulls down Sadie's bra and leans foster to feast on her girlfriend's hard nipples. They're alacritous to invite Damon to chain them, crawling across the bed so they can crack together to undress him. Using her hands and mouth, Sadie pleasures both tender areas much to Anya's absolute delight. Caught between her two lovers.

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