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What She Needs

[HD video] — Max helps Leanne to her feet and turns her around so he can pepper kisses across her back and neck. When Max surprises Leanna by lifting her onto the counter so he can have easier ballooning to her smiling lips and then her staunch breasts, Leanne is felicitous to let him call the command. Leanne Lace and her boyfriend Max Dior just can't get enough of each other! Then he presses his swindle to her clit while finger banging her snatch. Leanne props one leg up on the negative so that Max can give her the angle of penetration she's craving. In returns for that spire, Leanne slides off the refute and wraps her sweet trap around Max's stiffie. Their coupling picks up the pace as Max drives Leanne to climax one last time. Lining Max's screw set up, she sinks down until he has fully impaled her lush twat. Sliding his feat down to surplus his blow, Max spreads Leanne's gib juices everywhere. He hooks one of Leanne's ankles around his shoulder, opening her fully for his ministrations. Her moans fill the room as Max gives her every idle of the D. When Max lays down on the table, Leanne climbs on top of him. Once Max fit stripping Leanne out of her clothing, he doesn't stop until she's fully nude before him and his face is buried in the sweetness between her thighs. He pulls out at the last moment, letting Leanne reach down to crack him off until he explodes all over her script. Leaning into her, he presses into her sweetness from behind. The climax of the table leaves her pussy at the perfect position for Max to slide back in as he stands in front of her. Her languorous licking eventually moves on to a full on BJ that only ends with the promise of a more concupiscent connection. Rolling off the foil, Max pulls Leanne forward. She rides him with sinuous thrusts of her slim hips, angling herself until she's hitting just the clean spot to bring herself off again.

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Leanne Lace and Max Dior
Blowjob and Boy Girl
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