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Women's Day POV

[VR video] — Like a goddess, they flatter every skew of her lovely movement – down to her loins. They are ready to administer upon her the blissfulness she so deserves and craves. She then uses her power to take constraint of both men as they kneel before her in eternal admiration of her carnal grace. Both give her the load that she was meant to bear. He arrives home to idolatry his goddess, set on fulfilling every one of her innermost fantasies. Eager to free the creator's infinitely handsome masterpiece from underneath the bathrobe, Vincent has a surprise for her. Vincent is eager to show his appreciation to the stunning Kira Queen. As gentle kisses cover every swing of her body, she fit to shiver with arousal as the adrenaline rushes in. Joined by their mutual friend Raul Costas, both men know that the regard must be nothing short of finish. It strikes right at the essence of her man. Kira's fantasy has always involved being with two men. As she sways her sides to the beat of disposition pulsating through her measure, she is in for some earth-shattering penetration.

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Kira Queen
Threesome Mmf and Threesome
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